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Safety, security, and peace of mind are our main focus at Intercity Security Systems in offering exceptional solutions for home security in Riverside County, CA, and beyond. Our residential systems offer you complete security for both your family and property.

Whether you’re at home asleep or away, our residential security systems are working for you 24 hours a day. We offer a wide range of products that are internet-capable and accessible, along with easy-to-use and understand keypad functionality that you’ve come to expect to protect your home.

Dedicated to Adding Protection to Your Home

Our commitment extends to a systematic and meticulous installation process with our certified staff. Once installed, your system is supported by our customer support center and our field technicians. Providing exceptional support sets us apart; we are committed to building a long-term business relationship you can trust because we have secured what is essential to you.

Intercity Security Systems is dedicated to safeguarding your family and property by providing superior home security solutions. Whether you own an apartment or a castle, you can always count on us for all your home safety and security needs.

Home Security Tips

Lock Your Doors

Don't underestimate the power of a locked door. It may seem common sense, but leaving your door unlocked is an open invitation for burglars. Even celebrities have learned this lesson the hard way. You can avoid becoming an easy target by taking a simple step to secure your home.

Change the Locks

Secure your new home by changing the locks upon moving in. With an increasing number of angry former homeowners vandalizing and stealing, protecting yourself from any potential break-ins is essential. Especially if you bought a foreclosed property, take the necessary precaution of changing the locks to keep disgruntled previous occupants at bay. Don't leave your safety to chance—invest in new locks and residential security systems for peace of mind.

Hide Your Wiring

Professional thieves have tricks of the trade and are often willing to share their practices with newbies. One such tip is disconnecting your residential security system, so take steps to conceal the wiring in your home if you have a hard-wired alarm. If the thieves break in, your alarm will sound, and the signal will reach the central station.

Secure Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are often easier to break into than standard front doors. To reduce the risk of intruders breaking into yours, fit a length of wood or a small pole in the track of your sliding glass door. This trick will prevent it from being opened by an intruder from the outside. Many people use a broomstick-shaped piece of wood to accomplish this. It is also possible to install keyed locks onto sliding glass doors. Check your local home improvement store for availability.

Create an Illusion

Giving would-be intruders the impression that somebody is home is an age-old trick; the good news is, it still works. Leave lights on (Total Connect customers can put them on a timer) and consider leaving a radio or TV on for a low sound that will make it seem like someone is home (if you will not be gone overnight). For added home security, ensure curtains and blinds are closed; you don't need anyone looking in.

Train Your Dog

Protect your home by training your dog to defend it against intruders. Instead of scolding your dog for barking at people passing by, give them a pat of approval to encourage the behavior. This practice will ensure that your dog barks loudly if someone lurks near the door when you're not there. However, remember that some thieves may know how to calm a barking dog by giving them a treat. That's why relying solely on a dog as a home security measure is not a good idea. Remember, you still need an audible alarm system to scare thieves away the moment they enter.

When combined with professionally installed and maintained residential security systems, these tips offer great ways to deter thieves from breaking into your home. For questions on commercial and home security systems and other intrusion prevention methods, contact Intercity Security Systems today.

Social Media and Home Security

Social media can put you at risk of becoming a victim of burglary if you aren’t careful about what you’re sharing online. That is why we want to share this valuable information about social media safety with you.

Many of us remember our parents’ warning growing up: “Don’t put a note on the front door to tell me where you went. That’s like advertising to the neighborhood that no one’s home.” With social media, you’re putting a “note on the door” that everyone in your network can see; if your page isn’t secure, you’re putting it out there for anyone to see.

The Risk of Using Social Media

Nearly 80% of ex-burglars polled in 2011 said they believe that today's burglars use Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, and other social media sites to find properties they can rob. They look for the status updates of users in their area who are broadcasting vacation plans.

Some people make the mistake of providing even more information: dates, times, and names of the neighbors feeding the pets (in the form of tagging them in an online thank you note or some other communication). It's hard to believe for those who know better, but some people will post everything short of their residential security systems codes on social media. All of that information can help a burglar decide the best date and time to break into your house, and you may never be the wiser until you hear from your alarm company that a break-in attempt occurred.

Think Before You Click

So, think twice the next time you're preparing to Tweet or Facebook your vacation plans (yes, that includes Facebook and Foursquare "check-ins"). You may invite a criminal in without knowing it until it's too late.

Residential Security Systems and Permits

One news item out of one Southern California city sheds light on the importance of securing and maintaining all alarm permits required by your municipality. In this case, a business owner was told by police that officers did not respond to his alarm signal as his business was being burglarized for one simple reason: he had failed to renew his annual alarm permits with the city.

News reports cite the “no permit, no response” policy that the city enforces for residential security systems, enacted in November 2003. If alarm owners fail to pay the annual permit fee, they will receive no response from law enforcement for a triggered alarm. In a situation where the building is occupied, this could be pretty dangerous—even tragic.

Pay Your Alarm Permit Fees on Time

While it may be tempting to blame law enforcement first when these events occur, that is not always the correct response. Municipalities have alarm permit requirements in place for a reason, and this unfortunate story underscores the importance of keeping up with yours every year.
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If your city has an alarm permit schedule, you must pay for your last permit so that you can renew on time every year. It's easy to forget something you did a year ago, so try:
  • Marking the date down in a calendar or organizer.
  • Programming your mobile device to send you a notification when it is due.
  • Asking if the city will send you a reminder in the mail when it is time to renew.
Doing these things can ensure your alarm signal will receive a response from law enforcement when needed—hopefully before it is too late.

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