Commercial Alarm Systems

Ensure the safety and security of all your assets with tailored solutions from Intercity Security Systems. As a premier security company, we offer advanced commercial alarm systems in Riverside County, CA, and beyond. From access control to surveillance and monitoring systems, our team is here to provide the products and support services that meet your business needs.

Our focus is safeguarding businesses of all sizes and types, whether commercial, retail, institutional, or anything in between. We offer exceptional commercial security solutions, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most—running your business.

Why Turn to Us for Commercial Alarm Systems

Intercity Security Systems has what it takes to protect what is vital to your business.

Our commitment to you begins with a complete and comprehensive risk assessment of your business. Through a systematic and thorough analysis, we identify high-risk areas and business-specific vulnerabilities, such as employee theft and liability claims, as we know these can lead to significant losses. We then design the most efficient and cost-effective loss prevention solution based on our findings to minimize your business risk.

Dedicated to Providing You with Peace of Mind

We have a certified staff of engineers who handle the installation process of our alarm systems to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Our customer support center and field technicians are always available to provide exceptional support whenever needed.

Our Commercial Security Solutions

Access Control

Control a single site or multiple facilities with Intercity Security Systems’ comprehensive access control solution. From single-door systems to large commercial/industrial applications, we have the right solution for you.

Intercity Security Systems’ Access Manager is a revolutionary, web-hosted access control solution to oversee unlimited facilities, from a single building to a sprawling, multi-site enterprise. Access Manager combines secure, wide-area networking and central hosting with a simple point-and-click interface so you can instantly control access online—anywhere, anytime.

Why Choose Access Manager

Benefits of Our Access Control System

  • Remote access to all sites from any location.
  • Complete system control via an easy-to-use standard web browser.
  • Centrally hosted service: No dedicated PCs, local software, servers, and IT hassles—we do it all for you.
  • Wide-area architecture: No need to provide LANs, WANs, or POTS lines.
  • Instant connectivity on existing infrastructure, using either ethernet broadband or secure wireless networking.
  • 100% complete turnkey solution provided by Intercity Security Systems.
Having Access Manager installed in your workplace is an excellent decision and investment. It can:
  • Reduce incidents of employee theft.
  • Prevent unauthorized access into the building (or specific building areas).
  • Limit visitor traffic.
  • Minimize the risk of workplace violence.
  • Virtually eliminate the cost of re-keying the locks when people are terminated.
Whether your business has one door or 100, Access Manager can be your sole solution for access control. To learn more about this ideal access control system, contact Intercity Security Systems today.

Video Surveillance

Digital video is perhaps the fastest-growing and most fascinating security solution available today. Using video surveillance in your business can be the difference between earning a profit and losing money due to theft, vandalism, and improper employee behavior. At Intercity Security Systems, we offer custom-designed video surveillance solutions to help you achieve control over employee and customer theft, false accident claims, premise liability, worker productivity, and, most importantly—your bottom line.

Superior Surveillance and Monitoring Solution

Why Choose Us for Your Video Surveillance Needs

We Offer

Strategically located surveillance cameras act as a strong visual deterrent. Digitally record all site activity with digital video recorders (DVR) built for the small business budget. Alternatively, you can save the cost and headache of a DVR by letting Intercity Security Systems do your video recording at our secure off-site facility for a low monthly service charge.

With our custom-designed video surveillance solutions, you can review cash register transactions, such as “void” and “no sale,” in minutes using our optional cash register text inserter and remotely access your cameras from your smartphone or any computer.

Intercity Security Systems provides powerful digital video and closed-circuit TV systems and components, including equipment for specialized applications and financial and retail transaction verification systems. Our sales consultants and technical staff simplify the complexities of camera and lens selection, system design, and digital recording systems to provide your facility with a best-in-class surveillance system as part of your overall security program.

Moreover, we use only the highest quality video surveillance equipment from the most reliable CCTV manufacturers, including Honeywell, Sony, GE, Panasonic, Bosch, and Pelco. Our comprehensive product line is geared to meet virtually any application imaginable in any environment.

  • Intelligent Digital Video Storage and Management Systems
  • Wireless Video Systems
  • Mobile Video Systems
  • Covert Video Installations
  • Customer Remote Video Monitoring
  • Video Alarm Verification
  • Central Station Video Monitoring*
*Remote guard tours, virtual visits, and custom services are available.

Count on Us for Comprehensive Business Security Solutions

Let us earn your trust and exceed your expectations in all aspects of loss prevention. Count on our experienced team to provide you with the latest and most advanced surveillance and alarm systems for your business today. In addition, we also offer residential security solutions for your home protection needs. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you.