Customer Support

Reminders About Alarm Permits

Intercity Security Systems would like to remind all our valued customers that most cities have alarm ordinances in effect. Your local police department will usually require a residential or business alarm system user to obtain an alarm permit.

Please be aware that some police departments will not dispatch to a home or business that does not have a current permit on file. For more specific information, please get in touch with your local police department or our office.

Identity Verification

Should it become necessary for the central station to verify the identity of someone at your premises during an alarm, the operator will ask for your account identification number or password. The account ID will identify you, your family members, and others you choose as persons authorized to be on the premises. A false alarm condition will result in a police dispatch if the correct ID is not supplied to our central station operator upon request.

Contact Us for Support

To update your emergency notification list or change the personal identification password, please call our central station data entry department at 1 (800) 932-3822 for assistance. For any questions regarding the proper operation of your alarm system or false alarm problem that requires service, please contact our office so that we may resolve any technical or administrative issues. To maintain complete system integrity, you must test your system. We can only know a problem may exist if you inform us.

We offer various service agreements that cover your alarm system on a warranty basis, time and materials, scheduled inspections, or a complete maintenance program that includes all system components, inspections, testing, cleaning, adjustments, and service calls. Contact us for details.

Thank you for choosing Intercity Security Systems to serve you.