Experience has taught us that one of the most difficult decisions a business owner must make is selecting a security company. Many factors revolve around this decision that is based on the owner’s fundamental value that demands trust. At Intercity Security you can both count on and trust us. Our highest priority is to gain your trust, exceed you expectations in all aspects of loss prevention so you will choose us as you service provider. Our commitment to gain your trust begins with a complete and comprehensive risk assessment of you business. This approach, which is a systemic and thorough analysis will help us uncover high risk areas and business specific vulnerabilities, such as employee theft and liability claims, both areas which can lead to losses. We then design the most efficient and cost effective loss prevention solution to minimize your business risk and vulnerabilities.

Our commitment extends to a systematic and conscious installation process with our certified staff of engineers. Once installed, your system is supported by our customer support center and our field technicians. Providing exceptional support is what sets us a part and our commitment to you is to build a long term business relationship that you can trust because we have secured what is important to your business.

At Intercity Security we concentrate our efforts to safeguarding your business, whether it’s commercial, retails, institutional or of any size, our goal is your safety and security of all of your assets.