Your alarm system is only effective if it is connected to a 24/7 monitoring service. But does it matter if your alarm company has its own central station or uses an offsite monitoring center? What about its ownership – does it need to be owned by the same company that maintains your alarm account?

Not necessarily. There are far more important requirements you should have for your alarm monitoring service.

Like what? For example, like whether the monitoring center your alarm company uses is UL listed. UL listing is the best way to be sure that your alarm monitoring facility has demonstrated the ability to provide standards-complying service to its customers as determined by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a safety certification organization that evaluates and certifies the efficacy of a company’s business processes through its management system registration programs. Any alarm monitoring center that is UL listed has proven that its building, equipment and staffing is sufficient to stay in compliance with UL.

With alarm monitoring services from Intercity Security Systems, you can rest assured that experienced, trained security agents are standing by 24/7 from an attentive and UL listed central station. When your alarm signal reaches the station (immediately after activating), an agent will respond within seconds, summon your local authorities and communicating with you until help arrives.

Yes, implementing an alarm system is one way to defend your home or business against unwanted entry – but it’s only the first step toward comprehensive, reliable protection. What’s the most effective level of precaution? Security Monitoring Services from Intercity Security Systems.

It’s the most effective means of protecting your home or business, and it’s available through an affordable package from Intercity Security. For those who desire additional protection, we offer a variety of add-on equipment. Feel free to ask about these options during your free security analysis.

Wireless Home Monitoring: No Land Lines Necessary

What if you don’t have a landline based telephone service? At ISS, we offer each customer the opportunity to go 100% wireless with their security system. When your alarm sounds, the security system can communicate via our cellular based transmitter. For those who do maintain a land line, wireless home monitoring is still an appealing option as a primary communication method with a landline backup or use the wireless as a backup if the main line is cut.

Home Monitoring for Fire and Life Safety Alarms

Looking to integrate fire or life safety alarms into your home system? Intercity Security can furnish these additions, implement home monitoring services, and respond to any activations that occur in the same reliable manner. In the event of a fire while the home is unoccupied, the central station will still be notified via alarm activation, and your local fire department will be contacted immediately – even in your absence. For our other life safety products, home monitoring ensures that you’re notified immediately when unusual levels of smoke, heat, or carbon monoxide are present – or, when flood dangers are detected. For questions on these potentially life-saving preventative measures, contact ISS to request a free security analysis.

If you are ready for a reliable monitoring service from a UL listed monitoring center, contact Intercity Security Systems today. We are proud of the outstanding monitoring services we provide.