National Security Month

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers information on how to take advantage of the opportunity. No matter what part of the country you live in, the risk of natural disasters is a reality at some point. Here are some National Preparedness Month tips from FEMA:

  • Know which disasters are the biggest risks in your local area (hurricanes, fires, flood, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.). Program your alarm to notify you of weather conditions.
  • Develop a family emergency plan (this is important for nearly any emergency, including accidental emergencies, natural disasters and terrorism). It should include a plan for the care of pets and family members with access or functional needs.
  • Make an emergency contact card for each family member, and keep them in their wallets, purses or backpacks.
  • Ask your workplace, children’s school or day care and homeowner’s association what emergency plans they have in place. If there is no plan, volunteer to help them put one together.

You should also familiarize yourself with:

  • The proper way to shut off the utilities at your home.
  • The local advance alert system for disasters – is it a siren, an automated phone call or (in very remote areas) a door-to-door visit?
  • Local emergency plans for shelter and evacuation – what facilities will open up as shelters if an emergency strikes?

Being prepared isn’t just for Boy Scouts; it’s for everyone. Take advantage of National Preparedness month.